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Booklets on Danish transport policy and the Danish transport sector in general

The Ministry of Transport has published six booklets in English, in which you can read about the priorities of the Danish EU Presidency in the field of transport, green transport in Denmark, the Danish transport system and other topics.


    In the booklets you can for instance read about the Danish presidency priorities in the field of transport, where emphasis is on initiatives regarding more efficient airports, a sensible framework for future infrastructure investments, a more competitive railway sector, and a sturdy framework for the completion af the European satellite navigational system, Galileo.

    In addition to the Danish presidency priorities you can read about the Danish transport system, which is characterised by a modern and efficient infrastructure, which supports a broad selection of modes of transport in order to accommodate the needs of Danish citizens and businesses.

    In Denmark, there is a continuous effort to modernise and upgrade transport infrastrucure, while also creating the conditions for a greener transport system. In the booklets you can read about, how the Danish car fleet is among the most sustainable in the EU, and that the Danes are among the busiest cyclists in the EU.